Former Camden town hall becomes sexy London hotel

The old Camden Town Hall Annex has been transformed into an Austin Powers-esque hotel by The Standard.The Standard’s first property outside America is housed in an old Brutalist office block in Kings Cross.The Standard, London, harks back to the Swinging Sixties and recalls a bygone era, where love flowed freely and reminisces the loose living of the brand’s original incarnation in Hollywood.

London may be known for its Brutalist architecture, but few Brutalist buildings have been as hedonistically revamped as the old Camden Town Hall Annex on Euston Road, King’s Cross.

This property, which had previously been termed the “egg box” because of its rhythmic concrete facade, now boasts 266 rooms in 46 designs, which are decorated in a plush retro style and take advantage of the existing glazing the “egg box” was famous for.The hotel is opposite the famous St. Pancras station, which itself was transformed into a luxury hotel in 2011, so it was only natural that the former council building would be reborn in a similar fashion.

The hotel’s signature elements include floor to ceiling windows which are ripe for risqué endeavours, roof terraces in the private suites and outdoor bathtubs.While the building’s exterior was retained, there have been numerous additions to make the former office block fit for purpose.A three-storey glazed box was added to the top of the building, which houses a delightful gastronomic offering that provides panoramic views over the British capital.

The building’s front is a gleaming white and a bright red pill-shaped elevator scales the height of the property externally.Inside, the common areas are inspired by Hollywood movies such as Fahrenheit 451, Austin Powers, Silent Running and Logan’s Run, as well as the London underground and mid-century design, to result in a melange of teak, glossy reds, clinical whites, shiny copper and turquoise tiled panels, all peppered with generous plants and carefully chosen pieces of furniture.

The library is the perfect place to relax with a cocktail and hob-nob with the other glamorous guests, while the ground floor is bang on the global trend spreading across all hotels these days: being “democratic” and inviting the public in.

This will be the location of Executive Chef Adam Rawson’s street-facing bar, Double Standard, which will be one of the main draws of the open lower level and aims to entice people in through the hotel’s doors.

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